Natasha and Stuart – La Digue, Seychelles Wedding

We travelled from Brisbane, Australia all the way to South Africa and then on to Seychelles for this wedding of Natasha and Stuart.

The Seychelles are located about 4 hours flight east of Johannesburg. We have never shot a wedding in such a hot place on the wedding day it was about 36 degrees with 100% humidity and not a breath of wind. La Digue is the Island where the wedding took place and its simply beautiful, Its takes about 1 hour 20min on a fast ferry to reach the Island from the main Island of Mahi. What an awesome place to shoot with the best beaches in the world and Pirate ships and the perfect sunset every night. Stuart and Natasha both live in QLD on the Northern Gold Coast, so when we were asked to travel to this tropical location we just couldn’t refuse.

This wedding was very different as most guests arrived via bicycle (no cars on the island) and the bride made her way to the church by Ox cart (yes ox cart), the Ceremony took place in a grand church which was just missing aircon but it did have many fans that did a good job of stopping the guests from passing out.
Every guest came out of that church drenched in sweat, We tried to pull all the guests together for a group shot but the blistering heat was too much to stand outside for a group photo.
All the guests were then treated in Ox ride of their own, A convoy of about 10-12 Ox carts worked there way up the islands hills to the reception venue,  The guests were treated to the local choir walking along side the Ox carts singing local songs of joy.

Stu and Natasha worked hard during the wedding, they greeted all guests one on one and gave each guest a special gift, they did a great job in the Photo shoot (especially Stu) as we dragged them from beach to beach and had them standing next to Pirate ships and amongst huge spider webs all in the extreme heat.

Below are a few shots to show this beautiful wedding, If you are planning your wedding in the Seychelles then please give us a call as we think we are expert Seychelles wedding photographers now. Enjoy.